I am interested in being a future board member!
  • I am between 18-25 years old and live in Canada
  • I identify as a woman
  • I want to give back to my community by serving on a board!

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The application for the next cohort is now closed.

I am interested in coaching a young woman!*
  • I live in Canada
  • I have previously served / I am currently serving on a Board?
  • I can commit approximately 5 hours per month for a at least 1 year

More info on Coaching

Application For Coaches

My Board is interested in helping a young woman become a leader!
  • My board is committed to increased diversity and inclusion
  • My board is interested in welcoming a trained, coached and vetted young woman to serve as a board member!

More info for Governance Boards

Application for Non-profit governance boards

About Girls On Boards

Girls on Boards, launched in 2017, places community-minded, motivated and trained young women living in Canada, between the ages of 18 -25, on non-profit governance boards in their communities. After completing online training and several months of coaching with a G(irls)20 approved coach, young women (“Young Directors”) begin their 1-year term on the board.
What else is involved?

Young Directors take the online DiverseCity onBoards training which covers:

  • Board Essentials
  • Legal Roles & Responsibilities
  • Finance Fundamentals
  • Commitment to Diversity
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Resource Development

Young Directors, Coaches and Board Mentors all take Gender-Based Analysis Training to learn how:

  • Unconscious or implicit bias in the workplace
  • Gender bias interacts with race, class, age, ability
  • To conduct gender analysis on workplace policies, culture, and organizations’ programming
  • To develop policy interventions to address gender inequities

Coaching and board mentorship – Each young woman is matched with an older woman, established in her career (minimum 2+ years board experience) as well as a mentor on her board – both support the Young Director’s professional and emotional growth.

Private online portal– Peer-to-peer learning by sharing experiences, seeking input on challenges, sharing resources, and participate in a bi-monthly “Ask Me Anything” online panel with a board mentor.

In-person Forum – In September 2018, G(irls)20 will host an in-person forum to convene all participants in order host focus groups and share out best practices.

What are the criteria for participants?
  • Any young woman living in Canada, born between 1993-2000 (inclusive) *As of June 1st, 2018
  • Eagerness to contribute to their community and country;
  • Ready to commit 1 year of volunteer service to her community
What are the criteria for coaches?
  • At least 2 yeas of Board experience;
  • Able to dedicate 1 year volunteering with a young woman
  • Option to enroll in and assist their participant through completion of the DiverseCity onBoard;
  • Participate in a 3-hour Gender Based Analysis Training (provided by G(irls20).
What are the criteria for Non-Profit Governance Boards?
  • Social profit / not for profit and/or volunteer board based in Canada (can operate internationally);
  • Ability to welcome a young woman to serve for a term of at least 1 year;
  • Agree to designate a member of your Board (male or female) to serve as a mentor to the incoming young woman to help with her onboarding and pre and post Board meetings; and,
  • Committed to inclusion and diversity and as such, agree to participate in a 3 hour Gender Based Analysis Training (provided by G(irls)20).
How long is the commitment for Boards/Coaches/Participants?
  • Participants: Training (about 12 hours to complete the on line course between June and August); Board involvement (a minimum one year); working with a coach (1 year).
  • Coaches: 1 year; summer 2018 will require a commitment of approximately 5 hours per month. Following that, we request availability for ad hoc check-ins with the participant. A coaching program will be provided for your ease.
  • Boards: 1 year term (i.e. September 2018 – September 2019, depending on when your board sits).

Young women (18+), who graduate from Bootcamp For Brains or are high potential leaders will complete the DiverseCity onBoard online governance training platform.  They will then be assessed and placed on community volunteer boards.  This program is designed to enhance the leadership of community boards to include trained and supported young women.

Meet Last Year’s Cohort 

In partnership with DiverseCity onBoard we will create opportunities for young women to serve on social profit boards across Canada. This program identifies, trains, and facilitates the placement of qualified individuals in governance roles by providing affordable online governance training that is available to everyone, anywhere.

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