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The Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL) is the global network of female politicians. The mission of WPL is to increase both the number and the influence of women in political leadership positions. In 2018, WPL has partnered with G(irls)20 to bring twenty young women from 16 countries around the world to the annual forum, as Girls2Leader participants. We are grateful for the support of Western Union for bringing G(irls)20 Ambassadors to Vilnius, Lithuania in June 2018! See below to meet the G(irls)20 #Girl2Leader delegation.



The WPL Summit 2018 in Lithuania (6-8 June) is yet another opportunity to promote our campaign #Girl2Leader. We believe that organising Girl2Leader side events during the WPL Summit 2018 is the best opportunity for the girls to meet diverse high-level female politicians. Therefore, we are organising side activities in Seimas with a delegation of Lithuanian and international girls.

The #Girl2Leader campaign aims to get more girls involved in politics by connecting them with female politicians. WPL is extremely honored to have H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, as the Patron of this campaign.

The #Girl2Leader campaign events held on October 11th (‘International Day of the Girl Child’) involved politicians and girls from more than 20 countries: in the European Parliament, in Malta (University of Malta) and in Canada (Parliament Hill & Senate of Canada). The latest event took place in Iceland (Althingi & Reykjavík City Hall) on the occasion of the WPL Summit 2017.

#Girl2Leader welcomed more than 25 female politicians and more than 220 girls at its campaign events, and received the support from many others through video messages and social medias posts. On the day of the launch of the campaign #Girl2Leader hashtag attracted a reach of more than half a million impressions (501,537, according to Brand24).


In Lithuania #Girl2Leader will be welcoming more than 45 girls and young women from more than 15 different countries.

Additionally, some of the highlights of the campaign’s launch were:

· The commitment of women political leaders to work on encouraging more girls to become interested in politics

· The #Girl2Leader “A Call to Action” Declaration

· The participation of the Youtubers: Swann Périssé (France) & Didda (Iceland)

· The announcement of the creation of a platform where the #Girl2Leader delegates will be able to stay connected

· WPL’s commitment to bring the #Girl2Leader campaign to more countries and continents

Such an event is more than a single day’s experience. Participants will take their impressions home, sharing their insights with their peers. They will talk to their friends and communities, something facilitated greatly by social networks. They will spread the message that getting involved in politics is possible – at any age – and is an option that lies within their reach.

WPL Global Forum

The Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL) is the global network of female politicians. The Mission of WPL is to increase both the number and the influence of women in political leadership positions.

WPL members are women in political office – Ministers, Members of Parliaments, Mayors. Membership is free and members are honoured by their participation.

WPL strives in all its activities to demonstrate the impact of more women in political leadership, for the global better. To accelerate, women need three things: communication, connection, community. At WPL, optimising the power of communication and connection builds new communities of knowledge for women political leaders everywhere. WPL believes that progress happens by convening women political leaders who have the drive and the influence to create positive change.

Different communities function under the umbrella of WPL: Women in Parliaments (WIP), Women European Leaders (WEL), Women Government Leaders (WGL) and Women Mayors International (WMI).

WPL is an independent, international, post-partisan and not-for-profit foundation based in Reykjavik, Iceland (the world champion of gender equality). Silvana Koch-Mehrin is the Founder and President of the WPL Foundation.

Anannya Parekh

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (India) 



Anannya Parekh is a 22 year old girl born and brought up in Chennai, India. She is currently pursuing her Aerospace Engineering from SRM University. She founded Inner Goddess, a start-up that is working towards activating ambition in all women through workshops and consultancy programs. She dreams of Inner Goddess to be a global playground for women to grow and develop themselves to become more employable leaders of today’s world. She is also a trained Kathak (Indian Classical dance form) dancer and loves public speaking. Her avid curiousity has made her a voracious reader and she reads about 70 books a year from almost all genres. She is extremely ambitious; her long term goals are to pursue an MBA and subsequently, make Inner Goddess a Fortune 500 company someday.

Anna Tsilidou

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2014 (EU)



Born in Georgia and raised in Greece, Anna was the EU delegate of the 2014 Australia Summit. She is passionate about women’s economic empowerment and has been using all the platforms available to her to coach girls and help less connected individuals land high-quality opportunities. Anna has studied Finance and Accounting at the University of Macedonia and as a student, she has among others helped create TEDxUniversityofMacedonia. In the past, she has worked in finance at Procter & Gamble in Geneva and in management consulting at McKinsey and The Boston Consulting Group. When she is not running or hiking, she works on SignedBlock, a blockchain consulting company she has co-founded.


The labor force needs #YoungFemaleLeaders because they can do the job probably better, and will help people around them in between.

Bailey Greenspon

Senior Program Manager, G(irls)20 



Bailey lives at the intersection of women’s leadership and political engagement. As the Senior Program Manager at G(irls)20, she is motivated by building leadership in passionate young people to tackle 21st century challenges. Bailey comes from a background in politics (as Press Secretary for the Opposition Leader) and community organizing. In her spare time, Bailey can be found mobilizing young Canadians with Progress Toronto, WEF Global Shapers, and 6 Degrees Symposium, or biking along Toronto’s lakeshore.

Claire Charness,

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2012 (Canada)



Claire is a recent graduate of Conestoga College’s social media marketing program, having graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in Psychology in 2011. She was the 2012 G(irls)20 Summit Canadian Delegate, and continued her involvement with the organization as a Social Media Intern, focused primarily on Bootcamp for Brains. During her summit experience she wrote on the issues effecting girls and women for the Globe and Mail and the Huffington Post, and continued to write for Swiggtalk after her summit experience.  Drawing off of these experiences, she ran a pilot program called “Walk in My Footsteps” that focused on story telling as a tool for social change.  In 2015, Claire was a keynote speaker at the 4th Canadian Division of the Armed Forces’ International Women’s Day Event, and a panelist for UN Women in 2016.  Claire hopes to eventually go back to school to complete her master’s degree in political communication.


The Labour Force needs #youngfemaleleaders because it is impossible to harness the full potential of a workforce or economy without providing opportunities for 50% of the population. Young female leaders provide a perspective that is vitally important in tackling today’s global issues.

Dunola Oladapo

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (UK)



Born in Nigeria, Dunola moved to the UK at age 11. She graduated in 2016 with 1st Class Hons in BSc Economics from Royal Holloway University of London. She now works as an FX Trading Operations Analyst at Goldman Sachs. She was the 2017 UK delegate to the G(irls)20 Summit, after which she founded a post-summit initiative called Luton Lights which empowers girls in her local community. She sits on the #iWill Fund Leadership Board where she influences how investment is allocated to increase UK youth social action by 2020. She served as the ‘production, innovation and digitalisation’ UK delegate to the 2017 Youth G7 summit and was later selected to join the Young European Leadership delegation to the 2017 MISK Global Forum. She is an active member of Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network.

Eunkyung Son

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (South Korea) 



Eunkyung Son is an undergraduate in Sogang University majoring in Global Korean Studies and Business Administration. As an individual who is passionate about solving international problems to make the world a better place, she has participated in a lot of activities like G20 Youth Forum 2016, G(irls)20 summit 2017 and Model ASEM 2017 as a delegate dealing with various issues like gender equality, entrepreneurship, global governance and public diplomacy.
Now she is working on a post summit initiative to help female foreign or migrant entrepreneurs in South Korea who are creating positive impact globally. She is also writing a paper about the theme of the initiative as a member of ‘Asia Society Korea’, a global NGO, which will be published in July.
Eunkyung is building her career in a computer software company specialized in deep learning technology working in a global business development team with her strong interest in international business and digital strategy.

Lorenna Vilas Boas

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (Brazil)



Lorenna Vilas Boas started creating her own ideas using Lego during elementary school. Before too long, she became involved in the robotics world, and enrolled in a Technical Couse in Industrial Automation in the Federal Institute of Bahia (IFBA) where she created the Robotics Team Autobot.
Currently she is studying Electrical Engineering and is heading projects in Brazil to increase women’s participation in STEM, in partnership with nonprofit organizations such as Campus Party Institute and as iamtheCODE Ambassador.
As a black woman in tech, her dream is to build a diverse and inclusive STEM environment and work as a developer in assistive technology.


Marina Castellino

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2016 (Argentina)



Marina is 22 years old, lives in Argentina and she is one year away from her Chemical Engineering Degree at the National Technological University. She works there since 2017 as a research assistant in the Center for Research and Chemical Technology CITeQ, helping on investigations related to green chemistry processes.

She was a delegate at the G(irls) 20 Summit in 2016 in Beijing, China. Based on this background experience she founded “Future Leaders of Ansenuza” ( which is an initiative that aims to promote entrepreneurship, empower women and girls and promote the socio-economic development of rural areas of Córdoba, Argentina. This initiative consists of an annual event with more than 50 speakers and a one-year mentorship program for the 30 selected delegates. FLA already has a network of 60 ambassadors and the next event will be in March 2019. It has the support of the Embassy of the United States in Argentina and the Presidency of Argentina.

Marina is very proud to be part of the G(irls)20 Steering Committee and is committed to education and gender equality, so she actively participates as a mentor in national programs, speaker in motivational events, volunteer in social programs, etc.

The workforce needs #YoungFemaleLeaders because they are the present and the future, and the biggest investment that the G20 leaders can make to achieve equality and economic growth in their nations.

Pippa McDougall

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2016 (Canada)



Pippa McDougall is an ambassador for G(irls)20 and represented Canada at the 2016 G(irls)20 Summit in Beijing. Pippa is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Political Economy of Emerging Markets at King’s College London.

Previously, Pippa has lived in Ottawa and worked for the Canadian House of Commons as a Legislative Assistant to a Member of Parliament.

She graduated from Queens University in 2015 having pursued a dual degree in International Development and Political Science. She also has previous experience in working at a local human rights organization in Botswana.

Ramona Abdallah

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (MENA)




Ramona Abdallah is a Lebanese architect based in Beirut. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Architecture at the Lebanese University. As a founding member of Architects for Change, Ramona brought her passion for architecture, design, and urbanism to life by getting engaged in various projects, such as ‘Burj Hammoud Neighborhood Upgrading’ initiated by UN-Habitat Lebanon. Ramona was chosen to represent MENA region at G(irls)20 Summit in Germany last June, where she voiced the stereotyping and discrimination against women in STEM fields and specifically in architecture. She is working on her post-summit project as part of Architects for Change programs, targeting the engagement of female architects in the workforce. With a passion for traveling, Ramona backpacked through Europe where she explored the diverse urban environments of its cities. In addition, she participated in various international programs such as Maltepe University Architecture Congress in Istanbul and AA Visiting School in Jordan.

Raquel Helen Silva

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2011 (Brazil)




Raquel Helen Silva has been committed to social justice since her early years, volunteering since age 9. Raquel was invited to represent youth at the closing plenary of the 40th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos and shared her personal experience while introducing former First Lady Michelle Obama during a presidential visit to Brazil. In her teenage years she became passionate about women’s rights and gender equality, which has colored her academic and professional interests to this day. Raquel holds a B.A. in International Relations focused in International Political Economy from Mount Holyoke College. She also graduated from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) with a B.A. in Government focused in International Law. Raquel is currently pursuing an M.A. in Global Affairs at Yale University, focusing on Gender and International Development. Prior to Yale, Raquel was leading Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion efforts at Thomson Reuters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sally Dimachki

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2012 (France)




Sally Dimachki is currently a Project Coordinator at Refugee 613, a coalition of settlement agencies, community services, private sponsorship of refugees groups, volunteers and local citizens, working together on refugee integration in Ottawa, Canada. As an immigrant to Canada, Sally is passionate about amplifying the voices of immigrant & refugee women and creating opportunities for young women in leadership. She is the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Immigrant Women Services Ottawa and the Chair of the G(irls) 20 Steering Committee. In March 2017, she served as the Youth NGO Delegate on the official Canadian Government Delegation to the 61st Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Sally holds a Master’s in Human Rights and Genocide Studies from Kingston University of London.

Sarah Mesbah 

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2014 (MENA)



Sarah is a 24 years old Egyptian with an avid interest in reading and watching documentaries. She graduated from Suez Canal University with Bachelors in Pharmacy in 2016. Sarah has worked extensively on setting up micro projects for underprivileged women in her local city, Ismailia. She has also mentored several high school girls helping them both academically and otherwise. Her great interest in women empowerment led her to apply to G(irls)20 where she subsequently was chosen as the MENA region delegate in the 2014 summit in Australia. She went on to speak at the Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington, DC with hopes of shedding light on the situation of girls and women in North Africa. In 2017, Sarah was awarded the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship to pursue her Masters in Public health at the University of Cape Town, South Africa where she currently resides. She is specializing in health systems and aims to work towards designing plans for systems that provide good health at low cost. When Sarah is not working on her thesis in the library, you will find her assembling 1000 pieces puzzles or having debates with her friends about political philosophy and religion.


The labour force needs #YoungFemaleLeaders because it is absolutely absurd that nearly half the world’s population is excluded from the labor force based on gender. Investing in young female leaders would make female representation in the work force an absolutely normal phenomena rather than something that is marveled about. Furthermore, the economic growth that will follow a more gender inclusive economy is definitely substantial.


Victoria Lapadula

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (Argentina)



I am Victoria Lapadula, a 21 years old Argentine student living in Buenos Aires. I am studying International Affairs and will hopefully graduate in December 2018. I wished to work on Corporate Social Responsibility and continue to dedicate time to my passions: teaching and debate.
I teach History for senior students, coach the Model UN team and assist in the IB department of Community and Service at St Catherine´s School. I also volunteer at the Argentine Debating Association as a coach and I have had the opportunity to represent Argentina in different international competitions in England, Thailand and Indonesia.
In 2017 I was the Argentine delegate at G(irls)20 Summit in Germany and I am currently assisting in the organization of the 2018 Summit in Buenos Aires. I am also looking forwards to joining the Girls(20) delegation that will participate at the Women Political Leaders Forum in Lithuania!



Yulia Khalikova

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (Russia)



Yulia is a PhD candidate at the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, focusing on judicial politics and human rights in Russia. Before switching to academia, she has studied law at Higher School of Economics, Moscow, and worked as a lawyer for three years. This experience has motivated her to pursue research in the spheres of empirical legal studies and policy analysis by enrolling into MSc in Sociology and later on in a PhD program, with a hope of contributing to judicial reform in Russia in the future. Besides she is active in the field of international cooperation, currently serving her two-year term as an elected co-chair from Russian side for DRJUG e.V., a German-Russian youth-run NGO organising several annually held projects for young people from Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. In 2017 she represented Russia at the annual G(irls)20 Summit in Munich, Germany.



Lungelwa Mambesi Goje

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (South Africa)



Lungelwa Mambesi Goje was born in Stellenbosch. She grew up in Kayamandi and spent some of her childhood in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape. She is a feminist and a young upcoming entrepreneur. She owns a hair business that has a network of three young women in her University. She has always been in the top 3 learners of her school in high school. She is a poet and was once invited to perform at the Inzynk poetry session held by Stellenbosch University. She achieved an Outstanding Mathematics award in 2009 in her school. She represented her school in the Nation debate held by the department of transport. She received a bronze for her water project on the Science expo which she did with her partner. She was chosen to be part of the Top 30 South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) Student Leadership Summit. She won an essay competition for women in Accounting held at her University. She is currently pursuing a degree in B Com Accounting at the University of the Western Cape. She was in a group of young people that discussed ways to move the country forward with the respectable Doctor Mamphele Ramphele. She was the South African Delegate at 2017 G(irls)20 Summit which was held in Germany. She was chosen as Top 10 of the finest at South African GradStar awards in 2017. She launched her G(irls)20 post-summit initiative in 2018 where she helps girls from disadvantaged areas with Mathematics, English, Life Skills and Career Awareness. She still believes that her country can be saved with responsible leadership that empowers women. She would love to see a South Africa that is free of patriarchy that is open where women own their bodies and their voices.

Annika Brockschmidt

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2016 (Germany)



Annika Brockschmidt works as a freelance journalist at the Tagesspiegel, Zeit Wissen and Zeit Geschichte. She is the author of a popoular science book published by Rowohlt and currently studying war and conflict studies at Potsdam University with a special interest in propaganda. She has a BA in History from Heidelberg University. She’s currently a trainee at the ZDF Hauptstadtstudio in Berlin.




Mariana Vieyra-Caballero

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (Mexico)



Born and raised in Mexico, Mariana represented her country at the 2017 G(irls)20 Summit in Germany and now she’s a proud G(irls)20 Ambassador. She holds a BA in International Relations from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, where she works as Advisor in International Education. Her previous study abroad includes the UK, Russia, Poland and Belgium, focusing on education, diplomacy, and cultural economics.

She was the co-founder of the Robotics team in High School and led the IR students’ association and the International Student Club in College. Her working/volunteering experience involves teaching Art History, Spanish and English, as well as collaborating with Grupo Re, Querétaro’s Art Museum, FIRST, and Malala Fund.

Mariana is currently pursuing a specialization in Leadership and Responsible Public Management, as well as Mexican Foreign Policy, whilst supporting groups focused on democracy, political participation and gender equality. Her aspiration is to improve Mexico’s education system making it more dynamic, effective and inclusive.



Lauren Shum

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2016 (US)



Lauren is an electrical engineer at DEKA R&D, where she builds technology enabling the scalable manufacture of human organs. She graduated from Duke University in 2017 as an NAE Grand Challenge Scholar with a BSE in electrical & computer engineering. She has had the honor of representing the USA at the 2016 G(irls)20 Summit and of speaking on a White House panel about engineering education. Firmly committed to leveraging technology in service of society, she has worked heavily in the renewable energy space and has also launched DigiGirls and Tech Together, programs for helping girls and women find a foothold in technological fields. Lauren has garnered recognition for her work from the Clinton Global Initiative, National Center for Women & IT, Anita Borg Institute, Udall Foundation, and Womanium.

Emma Young

G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, 2017 (EU)



Born and raised in Cork, Ireland, Emma is a Law and French undergraduate in Trinity College Dublin and was the 2017 European Union delegate to the Girls20 Summit. Passionate about European politics and youth engagement, she currently works as a UNICEF Youth Ambassador and represented the European Union at the G7 Youth Summit in 2015. Sitting on the board of the European Youth Parliament Ireland, Emma helped to expand the membership and outreach of the organisation while volunteering over 100 hours at conferences during the 2017/18 year. Emma also sits on the committee of the Trinity College Law Society and in the future would love to work in the diplomatic service or for the United Nations.




Thank you to our partners 

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